Is Bill Nye a Real Science Guy or an Anti-Scientist?

Is Bill Nye a Real Science Guy or an Anti-Scientist?

Many of us remember watching Bill Nye the Science Guy on television growing up. I never cared for the show, but some people from my generation identify with Bill Nye, watching him on television, wanting to be scientists. Some even went into STEM fields, and I can respect that. Was it a great show? No, but even though it was a children’s show it was more scientifically accurate than his show for adults on Netflix called Bill Nye Saves the World! Yeah, I said it, a children’s show from the 1990’s was more scientifically accurate than a show for adults aired in 2017. I guess that makes me a science denier and someone that loathes truth. As someone who studied microbiology in college and is as logical as they come, (I am an INTP if you guess my personality) I suppose that I must hate science and truth as much as the next person since I believe in natural medicine. At least Bill Nye would want you to think so.

So of course, Bill Nye attacked alternative medicine, because I guess according to him it is destroying the world. Is alternative medicine perfect? Of course not. It has its flaws and scams, but I believe that it is an integral part of the entire world of medicine. I hate the word “alternative” anyway, especially since the only reason modern medicine won out between the two branches (contemporary and natural) was that of substantial funding by the Rockefeller Foundation, pushing higher learning institutions to teach only the same present medical dogma. I guess you wonder why so many people believe their doctors failed them and they come to alternative researchers and bloggers for answers. Bill Nye preaches this same stale logic, only my dogma of conventional medicine is the truth and nothing else works.1

Here are some potshot quotes that Bill Nye takes at alternative medicine on the episode, without backing them up with SCIENCE!

“It’s an alternative medicine treatment, meaning it’s an alternative to actual medicine.”

-Bill Nye

“If you want to understand bad medicine, look at alternative treatments.”

-Bill Nye

“There is an old joke that medical researchers tell, what do you call alternative medicine that is proven to work? You call it medicine.”

-Bill Nye

I guess I am a little snarky with these quotes. Bill Nye is a performer, and he is using the art of performance to get people to go along with his BS. Okay, I guess I was a little harsh, Bill Nye does not talk about any distinguished people that believed in and helped discover alternative medicine treatments. Instead, he makes them all out to be quacks. So, who do we have that helped spawn our modern alternative medicine movement:

Some people will argue that some of the people on this list are “quacks” or that their methods do not work. Although I may not agree with all of their methods, many of these are brilliant people on top of their field, whose research should be commended. Natural medicine is not perfect, there are people that practiced “natural” medicine and were quacks including the Kellogg family and Sylvester Graham.2

Bill Nye brings up homeopathy as an example of quackery when it comes to the practice of alternative medicine, and the developer of homeopathy was on my list, Samuel Hahnemann. Now I do have some issues with homeopathy, for example, if the dilution of the supplements truly work to bring people relief. Dr. Gerald Pollack, however, proved that water does contain “memory,” which would explain some people improving through homeopathy in greater numbers than the standard placebo effect. Even with this scientific proof, I still do not recommend homeopathy firmly on Fix Your Gut, because I think for most instances there are better supplements or methods.3

If you look for issues, you will find them in both conventional and alternative medicine. Bill Nye on his show talks about the importance of regulation in the supplement industry; he implies that there are no rules and medications are safer from FDA regulation. Supplement company labeling and claims are approved by the FTC and FDA under DSHEA (Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act), and some companies follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) which are FDA set standards for production, so there are some regulations involved in the manufacture of supplements.4 5

Even though there are some regulations when it comes to supplements, can the FDA even be trusted to evaluate supplements or even medicine correctly? The generic formula for Wellbutrin XL has been known to have increased side effect profile and was found to have decreased efficiency in the people who used it. Doctor’s reported it for years to the FDA, who did very little to consider the claims. It took FIVE years for the FDA to admit that there was a difference between the two medications and that the generic will finally be brought up to the patented standard. The FDA dropping the ball on Wellbutrin XL is not the only case involving the FDA and oversight issues. I am not arguing that regulations are not necessary and it is not important to have standards, but to claim that medications are perfectly safe because the FDA actively monitors and regulates their production, and that all supplements are dangerous because they are not so tightly controlled is ludicrous. Of course, you do want to purchase supplements from reputable companies, but it is always a gamble, supplements, medications, or otherwise.6 7

At the end of the show, Bill Nye does a science experiment to prove how natural supplements are useless when it comes to tackling your gut issues. I wish he would have done more research before he performed the experiment so he might not have sounded as nonintellectual as he did during the experiment. I was laughing during the experiment; how many people are going to believe in this basic scientific research and believe it equates to the intricate workings of one’s actual stomach. Bill Nye runs a simple pH test on two different agents. He tests magnesium hydroxide and digestive bitters with ACV, slippery elm extract, and peppermint. He pores both contents into boiling vials of low pH liquid and claims that both breakers represent your stomach full of acid. Of course, the magnesium hydroxide neutralizes the acid and increases the pH; the digestive bitter supplement does not increase the pH. Bill Nye then states; “Hippie stomach treatment. They want you to put vinegar in your stomach when it is upset. Imagine that. Alternative medicine that does not work. The reason we call it real medicine, because of its medicine and it’s real.” Too bad Bill Nye, like most gastroenterologists, does not understand how the stomach works.

Why do supplements like vinegar and betaine HCL improve heartburn for many people? Would not decreasing the pH in the stomach further, create more reflux? The lower esophageal valve, the part of the stomach that connects the esophagus to the stomach and opens and closes to allow things in and out of the stomach, closes tight when there is a lot of acidity in the stomach when the pH value is low. Less reflux occurs from natural digestion when the LES closes quickly and correctly. Stomach acid and having a low stomach pH is essential for reducing stomach overgrowth and distension which weakens the LES and creates more reflux potential. Now granted antacids do neutralize stomach acid and for a time bring relief to people who are refluxing acid, but most people get rebound reflux. The LES opens wider over time, and more acid is produced in the stomach to correct the elevated pH. Overgrowth produces elevated quantities of gas which occurs from food maldigestion from having a high stomach pH, causing even more digestive problems and worsening heartburn. In the long run, I would suggest the digestive bitter supplement would improve the digestive health of more people than the magnesium hydroxide. The vinegar would lower the stomach pH, improving digestion, the slippery elm would coat the throat and stomach allowing for healing, and most herbs would help gastric emptying, reducing the gas formation and reflux potential.8 9 10

The problem with Bill Nye and his show “Bill Nye Saves the World” is that it lacks science, research, and pushes the false agenda of anti-science. Bill Nye will now teach the false truth of Science™ and in doing so will steer more people away from the wisdom of pure science and STEM fields. We truly live in a world of Newspeak where Science™ which is propagated by the Ministry of Science has come to replace the thirst for wisdom and knowledge of the cosmos, with water downed lies and talking points from figureheads like Bill Nye. Nikola Tesla would be rolling in his grave. If it were not for some of the real scientists and researchers, I listed above, all hope would be lost in determining the facts and the lies of the medical, scientific establishment. There is still hope and here at Fix Your Gut we will do our best to bring you the truth, no matter if it comes from conventional or natural medicine research and techniques.

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  1. You people are a circus.

  2. Good article. In my opinion, thats a helluva all star list of names you mentioned. Only one missing is Mae Wan Ho :)

  3. Great article, Bill Nye is a propaganda tool to say the least, keep up the good work…….Zinc Carnosine has fixed a 4 year debilitating GI issue for me( cabbage juice and slippery elm to a lesser degree), Dr Carl Messano

  4. Thank you for your post. I couldn’t even finish that alternative medicine episode. Could not bear it. I wonder if bill nye would lump in functional medicine into “alternative medicines”

  5. You forgot Gilbert ling , probably the greatest and mist forgotten of them all

    • You are correct and I apologize for leaving him out. I am sure there are a few that I forgot that I need to add.


  7. Bill Nye has been a quack for quite some time. He isn’t remotely scientific in anything he says. Do you know what his major evidence about global warming is: Venus has a lot of CO2 and Venus is really hot…ergo CO2 causes a hot planet. Boom! “Science.”

    His actual training is as a mechanical engineer. And as a mechanical engineer myself, I can say that whenever he gets into engineering, it is clear he is a junior level one at best.

  8. should read “here at fix your gut”. Hear is what your ears do. Other than that, interesting read.

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