The Healing Power of Cannabis: CBD

The Healing Power of Cannabis: CBD

Cannabis is a genus of plants that serve a lot of different purposes in our modern world including the production of hemp, marijuana, and the distillation of CBD (cannabidiol, a phytocannabinoid). Research into cannabis has shown that it can relieve seizures, inflammatory diseases, and even cancer. Cannabis has the power to achieve all this and more.1 2

Sadly, THC is banned in most of the United States. THC is cannabinoid that has both psychoactive properties and medicinal properties as well. A cannabinoid is a wide-ranging class of chemical compounds that act on the cannabinoid receptors (type one and type two) within your body. Believe it or not, your body produces its cannabinoids to provide many different functions within the body including:3 4 5 6 7

  • Regulates proper immune system function.
  • Regulates proper levels of systemic inflammation.
  • Proper neurotransmitter regulation.
  • Proper regulation of metabolism.
  • Healthy reproductive system.
  • Optimal mitochondrial function.
  • CBD is one of the major cannabinoids found in cannabis, though unlike THC it has no psychoactive properties whatsoever. CBD poorly binds to the cannabinoid type one receptor (CB1) in the brain; therefore, CBD does not cause intoxication which is associated with the use of marijuana because of THC. CBD has a high affinity for the cannabinoid type two receptors (CB2), on the other hand, which modulate inflammation and immune system function.8 9

    “The endocannabinoid system (eCB) is a recently discovered signalling system comprising the cannabinoid CB1 and CB2 receptors, their intrinsic lipid ligands, endocannabinoids (eCBs), such as the N-arachidonoylethanolamide (anandamide, AEA) and the 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG), and the associated enzymatic machinery (transporters, biosynthetic and degradative enzymes).

    The cannabinoid CB1 and CB2 receptors are both G protein-coupled receptors: CB1 receptors are highly distributed in the central nervous system (CNS), with low to moderate expression in periphery, whereas CB2 receptors are high in the immune system, with much lower and more restricted distribution in the CNS.

    Physiological or pathological stimuli induce synthesis and release of endocannabinoids, which can subsequently activate cannabinoid receptors. Therefore eCBs are synthesized and released ‘on demand’ through the cleavage of membrane phospholipid precursors.

    Multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury, neuropathic pain, cancer, atherosclerosis, stroke, myocardial infarction, hypertension, glaucoma, obesity/metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis are some of the diseases in which alterations in the eCB system have been demonstrated, thus paving the way for new therapeutic strategies aimed at restoring normal eCB system functionality.”10

    Even the production of hemp (which contains no THC, whatsoever) was banned in the United States until recently. I wonder if the manufacture of hemp is illegal because of lobbying from the cotton industry. Marijuana was bred until some plants contained less than 0.3% of THC, known as industrial hemp. It is improbable to become intoxicated from industrial hemp and can be used for clothing, cloth materials, ropes, hemp seed fiber, hemp seed oil, etc. Cotton requires slightly fewer resources to grow it does, however, need twice as much land per crop and 50% more water to grow. Some states are finally, now able to produce and distribute hemp in the United States.11

    There is, however, one cannabinoid that is legal in all fifty states that shows some promise in relieving a lot of different diseases that cannabinoid is known as CBD.

    CBD usage has been theorized to help improve people afflicted by:12 13 14

  • Seizure disorders
  • Cancer (depends on cancer, if your type of cancer [some forms of colon cancer, for example] thrives because of an elevation of CB2, then I would avoid the use of CBD oil)
  • Schizophrenia
  • Anxiety
  • Neuropathy
  • Poor mitochondrial health
  • Seizure disorders are known as erratic neuronal excitability causing CNS, mental, and physical manifestations that can be traumatizing to the person experiencing a seizure and to those around them. So how does CBD help with seizure disorders?

    “Cannabidiol pharmacological effects are mediated through G protein coupled receptors, cannabinoid type I (CB1) and cannabinoid type II (CB2), which are highly expressed in the hippocampus and other parts of the central nervous system. When activated, CB1 receptors inhibit synaptic transmission through action on voltage-gated calcium and potassium channels, which are known to modulate epileptiform and seizure activity. CB2 receptors are primarily expressed in the immune system and have limited expression in the central nervous system. The effects of CBD are CB2 receptor independent.

    Studies have demonstrated that CBD has a low affinity for the CB1 receptors, but even at low concentrations, CBD decreases G-protein activity. CB1 receptors are expressed on many glutamatergic synapses that have been implicated in seizure threshold modulation. CBD may act at CB1 receptors to inhibit glutamate release. Studies have shown changes in the expression of CB1 receptors during epileptogenesis and after recurrent seizures. CB1 receptor expression is upregulated at GABAergic synapses and shown to be downregulated at glutamatergic synapses in epilepsy, contributing to lowering seizure thresholds.

    Other targets for CBD include transient receptor potential (TRP) channels that are involved with the modulation of intracellular calcium. Cannabinoids are highly lipophilic, allowing access to intracellular sites of action, resulting in increases incalcium in a variety of cell types including hippocampal neurons. CBD actions on calcium homeostasis may provide a basis for CBD neuroprotective properties.”15

    Seizures cause elevations in extracellular glutamate, which inflame the neurons. Chronic seizures can alter neuronal and glial expression of glutamate receptors and uptake transporters, causing issues with neurotransmission and triggering more inflammation and seizures. CBD reduces glutamate excitability in the brain, reduces inflammation, and increases hippocampal neuron function, which reduces seizure activity. CBD oil may help improve mental health in people with schizophrenia by reducing glutamate excitability and increasing anandamide levels, reducing neural inflammation. Finally, CBD oil increases GABA concentrations in the brain and also calms the vagus nerve reducing anxiety and stress in people that use it.16 17 18 19

    CBD may work well in the treatment of some forms of cancer that may stem from an overactive immune system that causes inflammation and increased cancer cell proliferation and an underactive immune system that does not adequately achieve apoptosis of cancer cells. CBD oil can calm an overactive immune system from manipulating the Th1/Th2/Th17 immune pathways by calming overactivity and reducing inflammation through these pathways and by activating TRPV1, TRPV2, and PPAR-gamma. CBD oil can also bolster underactive immune systems through manipulation of the endocannabinoid system, specifically CB2, regulating inflammation and immune function.20 21 22 23

    CBD oil might be an important ally in the fight against cancer, but remember, cancer is a complicated disease, and depending on the circumstances it might worsen your issues. Some forms of colon cancer might thrive from an activation of CB2 by CBD oil, from a reduction of inflammation and immune function in the gut and might cause further issues. Remember, inflammation is necessary for immune function and healing, many people in our modern world are dealing with inflammatory conditions. However, I would not recommend, for example, people to consume CBD oil for acute inflammatory conditions, like acute physical injuries or frequent viral infections (rhinovirus).24 25

    There is no known overdose, toxicity, and very few adverse reaction reports to the use of CBD. I consider the use of CBD to be very safe, and the only response I would be cautious of would be a very rare systemic allergic reaction. It may interact with medications that use the CYP isozymes for metabolism including CYP2C and CYP3A, for example, carbamazepine and phenytoin. The recommended dosage for most people daily for these conditions are fifty mg.26 27 28

    “CBD is well tolerated in humans with doses up to 600 mg not resulting in psychotic symptoms. In the few small placebo-controlled studies performed, no significant CNS effects were noted. Oral CBD undergoes extensive first-pass metabolism via CYP3A4, with a bioavailability of 6%. Following single doses in humans, the half-life of CBD when taken orally is about 1 to 2 days.”29

    There are few companies in the United States that currently offer CBD. Just like any supplement, quality matters when it comes to supplementing with CBD. You do not want the CBD in your supplement to be extracted using hexane, look for a CO2 extraction of the CBD that results in a higher quality product. Also, to increase the absorption of the CBD look for any product that contains terpenes. To determine supplement quality, it is always important to look at the source of the production materials and what additives (the fewer, the better in most cases) are in the product.

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    1. MyNaturalCBD worked great for me.

    2. CBD oil might be an important ally in the fight against cancer, but remember, cancer is a complicated disease, and depending on the circumstances it might worsen your issues.
      To get this Oil contact us Also

    3. My son convinced me to try CBD oil to help with my digestive issues. Not only am I feeling better, but I feel more at peace because of the water soluble BioCBDplus. After doing extensive research of my own, I’m confident that this is the hemp oil for me. – David

    4. I am curious about the identity of the specific types of colon cancers (referenced above) that thrive on CBD.

      I had a colon resection in 2015 to remove a benign 26mm tumor. What are your thoughts about additional risks, if any, of taking CBD oil in regards to these types of colon cancers? I recently started taking CBD oil for improved sleep, intermittent neuropathy, and leaky gut.

      Thanks so much.

    5. Excellent high-quality CBD products here:

    6. So which is better to use as an adult hemp derived cbd oil or marijuana cbd oil? And will the marijuana cbd give you a high? I have depression, chronic fatigue, digestion issues, etc. (Working on going paleo )

      • start with a low THC strain, they’ll know at the store or just google “low THC strains” and only start with a small pinch of it, just a puff or two.. that should alleviate the depression.. that’s what i did and i feel great!

    7. We believe CBD is effective to our son. He has Hirschsprung’s Disease. Due to having many surgeries & procedures he has severe anal spasms that doesn’t allow stool to pass ease fully. Botox was the only treatment that was successful before finding water soluble BioCBDplus. CBD relaxes his anal spasms. – Rosa

      • I’m here researching because my daughter also has HD and I don’t want to give her stimulating laxatives for the rest of her life. She goes from one small marble sized bowel movement every few days to constant diarrhea even while she’s asleep. She’s had 2 pull throughs and loads of other surgeries and procedures and here we are again. Thanks for the inspiration that it possibly could help.

    8. My 12 year old son with “classic autism and MR is greatly improving on CBD, high dose Fish oil and inulin.

      • Where do you buy the cbd oil for your son? My son is 4 and is speech delayed, sensory processing disorder, trouble sleeping, etc.

      • Would like to know more about this protocol !!!

    9. What is a good place online to order oil from?

      • David Geiger Minerals from Colorado. Home grown, controlled, not big pharma and super awesome people!

      • Hempworx. It’s organic, grown in Kentucky, third-part tested, and has a 30-day money back guarantee (you can return a empty bottle).
        They also have a THC-free version if you are concerned about drug testing or giving it to your children.

    10. Mr. Brisson,

      Do you know the names of any companies that use the CO2 extraction method you mentioned that makes
      a higher quality oil that you can purchase the CO2 extracted CBD Oil from?

        • Hi John,

          Are you referring to their liposome extract? I have been taking Elixinol’s capsules and they really help my anxiety, but I am on the fence regarding my Crohn’s. I have taken doses as high as 120 mg and that definitely helped. I usually take 30 mg daily and go up to 60 mg when flaring. Do you think the liposome extract would benefit someone like me? I have had difficulties with Elixinol’s customer service so had been thinking about switching to a different brand altogether.


          • Liposomial CBD would be better absorbed for people with digestive issues, it might be better to try it to see if it works well.

      • I know of not only an cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Process) sublingual CBD oil, but It is the ONLY nano-emulsified CBD on the market with 6-10 times absorption of leading CBD due to our patented delivery system! It is CO2 processed and is available to ship to all 50 states! The best of the best! I can get you more info if you would like.
        Jason Cappilla

        • Are you a distributor ? If so, how do I become one, & get it cheaper ? My sister is having a lot of issues with the product she’s on., heartburn, vomiting, tired, etc. She went off her chemo pills for her RA, & reflux meds, but she’s still on her cholesterol, prednisone , sleeping pills, & baby aspirin . Is the CBD reacting to the drugs in her liver ? If so, how would this product be any different ? Thank you, Edie

          • what product are you taking now and what is the dosage. CBD can slow the metabolism of certain medications down, and this might be causing the problem. Also what is the reason for taking Aspirin, if it is for blood circulation I would recommend cayenne extract 3 times daily diluted in water. It is the best for circulatory health. I can tell you that the only products I trust are from hempmedspx. If you are interested I can get you all product at a discounted price as I am a wholesaler for them. Best of wished. I would need more info to tell you exactly what might be going on here. We offer a variety of ways to get the CBD in the the system too. For instance if she did not want to have to digest anything we offer Canchew CBD gum that gets into the sytem instantly through your sublingual glands. Here is my website, I can work even better deals out too, Contact me at I wish you the best of luck.

          • here is the site sorry didn’t go in my last comment:

        • P.S. Why is the product called Hemp oil ? Is it CBD oil ???? Do you use it once a day, or twice a day ? At four pumps it WOULDN”t last long . And, is the company hard to deal with, as in a credit card ? Thank you , Edie

    11. Does CBD help with sinus related issues?

      Issues I have in sinuses

      Allergic Rhinitis (allergy induced swelling)
      Year round inflammation of the lining of nose
      Thick mucus (clear with white specs at times)
      Recurrent sinus infections

      Anyone have insight on this?

      • It may help by reducing inflammation and up-regulating the innate immune system if there is an infection, no studies though.

      • CBD has helped my inflammation and food sensitivities. I would also share that going on a Paleo Diet literally cured my sinusitis and chronic respiratory infections that I suffered with for 25 years! In addition to CBD, try making some diet changes and remove all grains and dairy for a period of time to see what happens.

      • I had a terrible sinus infection and a horrible headache. For days. Because I am pregnant, I asked my husband if a couple of BioCBD oil capsules would help. He said to try a couple. It helped so much!! I was able to finally rest after days of this severe sinus infection and nothing was working… going to keep taking it to see what continues to happen! I recommend

    12. Yes, it is right that CBD is very powerful products. Thanks for the information shared.

    13. Hello,

      I’m wondering if you have any idea/opinion/insight about whether cannabis oil can support the healing of the gut lining which is compromised by gluten sensitivity – in addition to the more common gut healing protocols? Thank you!

      • Anandamide in the oil would activate the TRPV1 receptors in the intestinal tract and lower inflammation.

        • Want to get your opinion on an all natural CBD digestive product made from hemp derived CBD. BioCBD+ Digestive formula is the name

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