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Are you ready to Fix Your Gut?

One of the best things you can do to Fix Your Gut is to do your own research but sometimes you need an expert. That’s why John is available for Digestive Health Coaching to help Fix Your Gut. You can use the form below to order and schedule a one-hour consultation with John. We look forward to helping you improve your health!



About John

John Brisson is the author of the Amazon bestseller in digestive health Fix Your Gut: The Definitive Guide to Digestive Disorders. Due to his extensive knowledge on the subject of gut health, John has been tapped by prominent supplement companies as an educator and collaborator on product formulation.

As a health coach, he has logged tens of thousands of hours assisting people with digestive disorders and coaching them to improve their overall health.

John applies his experience and ample research full-time to the construction of a dynamic, evolving database of actionable, evidence-based information on digestive health. Beyond what can be readily accessed on his website and in his definitive e-book, supplementary info from John can be found all over the web in his activity on various health information hubs and forums.

He also produces videos and podcasts with his Fix Your Gut partner Jason Hooper at the Fix Your Gut YouTube channel. Finally, John has been on a multitude of podcasts and media appearances as well!


A personal message from John:

I have been coaching for 10+ years online. Regardless of the health issue, my goal is to help you hopefully return to living a healthy life. If you want to explore how I can improve your health, schedule coaching with me. Talk soon. – John

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