Ion Gut Health (Restore) Supplement Review, Can it Improve Your Digestive Health?

Ion Gut Health (Restore) Supplement Review, Can it Improve Your Digestive Health?

Ion Gut Health (Restore) is a supplement that claims it relieves leaky gut and improves digestive health. Ion Gut Health (Restore) is supposed to alleviate gluten insensitivity, leaky gut, heartburn, restore the immune system, relieve SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), renew the microbiome, and improve overall digestive health. Ion Gut Health (Restore) is well known and is even offered at your local health store. Could it contribute to improving your digestion? Is there enough research to establish its safety and efficacy? Should you try the supplement, or is it a waste of money?

What is Ion Gut Health (Restore), and How Does it Work?

Ion Gut Health (Restore) is a supplement that is manufactured by Ion Biome (Biomic Sciences) (originally New Earth Dynamics) in the United States. The supplement is a liquid lignite extract (Terrahydrite), mineral amino acid complex, and purified water (previous formula also had castor oil). Lignite is technically a type of poor quality coal (low energy content); it is not traded extensively on the world coal market. Terrahydrite contains trace soil amino acids and minerals similar to a fulvic acid supplement. The supplement comes in a BPA-free (bisphenol a) plastic bottle and does not need to be refrigerated. Finally, the mineral amino acid complex used to be listed in a prior formulation as alanine, glutamic acid, glycine, histidine, serine, threonine, isoleucine, valine, gold, chloride, lithium, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, sulfur, zirconium, tungsten, nickel, zinc, and copper.

Well, how does the supplement help improve one’s digestive health? Here is an answer that comes from Ion Biome (Biomic Sciences) website:1

“It is important for people to know that ION GUT HEALTH (RESTORE) produces a significant outcome for gut health. I use it in my Virginia clinic as a foundation for helping to create a strong immune system and gut biome. Microbiome balance and tight junction integrity are widely recognized to constitute a major portion of the human immune system, and directly affect DNA transcription of human cells to promote optimal health and prevent a leaky gut, improving gut intelligence. The well-proven biology of Ion Gut Health (Restore) demonstrates its role as a foundational resource in your pursuit of optimal health,”

says Zach Bush, MD, CEO and co-founder of Ion Biome (Biomic Sciences), LLC. Dr. Bush is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice Care.

“Seventy percent (70%) of our immune system is found in our gut. We need tens of thousands of different strains of probiotic gut bacteria to support a healthy immune system. Clinical experience, in addition to cell culture studies, supports the theory that ION GUT HEALTH (RESTORE)’s proprietary formula creates the optimal environment in the gut to create a tight junction barrier and maintain our health and wellness. ION GUT HEALTH (RESTORE) is a daily liquid supplement designed to support the protection of the entire gastrointestinal (GI) tract against agricultural herbicides, antibiotics, GMOs, gluten and food-borne toxins by helping to create an environment where between 20,000-30,000 different strains of good gut bacteria thrive. Most probiotics on the market contain fewer than 24 different strains of good gut bacteria.”

Ion Gut Health (Restore) sure does sound unique, it relieves leaky gut and revitalizes the microbiome. Ok, so how does the supplement technically work to help improve your digestive health?2

“ION GUT HEALTH (RESTORE) nurtures the body’s protective membranes in the gut and the blood/brain barrier, enabling these membranes to keep us healthy. A diet loaded with highly-processed foods may cause the tight junctions of the intestinal wall to open from the gut into the bloodstream. Through state-of-the-art scientific studies conducted at prestigious universities and compelling anecdotal evidence from people who use ION GUT HEALTH (RESTORE), data suggest that by keeping the gut healthy and functioning optimally, one can block gut sensitivity to gluten and other chemicals and address GI health. In short, ION GUT HEALTH (RESTORE) nurtures the body’s protective membranes in the gut and the blood/brain barrier, enabling them to work, to keep the body healthy.”

Notice something odd about the statement above? The statement does not give any specifics on how the supplement works to help people recover. The website does, however, provide a few studies to help us understand better how Ion Gut Health (Restore) functions and to reassure us that it is safe, but is the information accurate?

Is There any Evidence That it Works, and is it Safe?

What evidence we have is scarce at best. Ion Gut Health (Restore) states that lignite extract is composed of carbon redox molecules when are supposed to help our microbiome communicate, improve the health of our microbiome, reinforce our GALT (galt associated lymphoid tissue), and heal leaky gut by helping improve the integrity of our gut junctions. We do know that similar extracts from the Earth can enhance our overall health including humic acid, fulvic acid, and shilajit, but we have more studies to back up these extracts and their effect on our health.3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The lignite extract from what I can understand according to their trans-epithelial electrical resistance study coats the tight junctions in the gut and protects them from incoming irritants. It insulates the cells in the gut against a bombardment of electrons. Protection of the gut junctions sounds excellent in theory, but it is unknown how well it will occur from the ingestion of Ion Gut Health (Restore). The above-referenced study was performed in a controlled environment and was done in-vitro on a group of cells. Will Ion Gut Health (Restore) completely coat the intestinal tract or just the mouth, esophagus, and or stomach? The above-referenced study shows that the supplement may be able to protect our gut from the ingestion of the herbicide, glyphosate. Restore might also be able to protect the gut lining and cilia from the ingestion of gluten, for example, but not from our gut microbiome eating the wheat that we consume. So, if you are suffering from gut dysbiosis, ingestion of wheat may still cause increased endotoxin creation by Gram-negative bacteria and increased fermentation (wheat does contain fructans) in the digestive tract creating bloating and excessive gas production in people with unhealthy microbiomes. Even if your gut junctions are protected from gluten and glyphosate from taking the supplement, increased endotoxins and gas production would still be confined within the digestive tract, causing digestive issues and excessive triggering of the immune system.10

Ion Biome (Biomic Studies) in 2019 published another study. Their second study is a human blinded placebo study, which does replicate some of the early results with their in vivo study. Twenty-six people were randomly selected into two groups of twelve from one hundred and fifty healthy adult volunteers ages 18-55 years. Baseline urine samples and health questionnaires were taken. The treatment group was provided Ion Gut Health (Restore), and the placebo group was given a mixture of water, herbal tea, and mineral salt. Both the placebo and supplement were placed in identical eight-ounce HDPE plastic bottles and only marked with the research code at the bottom. The subjects were told to consume from the bottles five mL three times daily after two weeks. After two weeks, urine samples were taken, and compliance was reported by another questionnaire. Test samples were tested for TNF-a, IL-6, zonulin, and glyphosate.11

Tumor necrosis factor-alpha is a cell-signaling protein (cytokine) involved in systemic inflammation. TNF-a only so slightly reduced compared to the placebo.12

Interleukin 6 acts as both a pro-inflammatory cytokine and an anti-inflammatory myokine in humans. IL-6 did reduce from supplementation about 17% compared to the placebo. However, since Ion Biome (Biomic Sciences) did not use only purified water during the test for the placebo, it is unknown if the herbal tea in the placebo might have triggered an expression of IL-6, by upregulating the immune system.13

Glyphosate is an herbicide manufactured by Monsanto. Glyphosate levels did decrease in urine expression by about 23% in the supplement group. Very interesting.14

Zonulin is a protein that relaxes the tight gut junctions. What it is upregulated leaky gut occurs. Zonulin levels decreased by about 12% in the supplement group.15

So it does appear according to this new in vivo study that Ion Gut Health (Restore) may help your body eliminate glyphosate more through your stool instead of being filtered out through your kidneys. Increased stool elimination of glyphosate may have a further unknown negative effect on the colonic microbiome since glyphosate is antimicrobial and is known to reduce probiotic Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria populations within the gut. The supplements benefits in this area might be “robbing Peter to pay Paul” in that you reduce glyphosate’s ability to be systemically absorbed and be filtered out by your kidneys (where it may cause damage over time) or reduce your probiotic microbiome in your colon. Zonulin levels are also reduced in the study, so the supplement may help protect some against leaky gut from wheat ingestion. Overall, I would love to see the study replicated with a larger sample size (twenty-six people is quite a small sample size), non funded, performed by a third party like a university, and the placebo only being reverse osmosis water before I can come to any conclusions that Ion Gut Health (Restore) is worth recommending.16

Ion Gut Health (Restore) does appear to be safe. However, concerns have been raised about the use of lignite extract and kidney problems. There are studies that some coal compounds may cause kidney damage or cancer. Possible kidney damage is why Ion Biome (Biomic Sciences) tested its lignite extract on kidney cells in-vitro to see if it would cause damage. Ion Gut Health (Restore) was found to be safe in in-vitro and in-vivo tests (two week supplementation of twenty-six people) performed by Ion Biome (Biomic Sciences). Ion Gut Health (Restore) is not raw coal; it is a purified lignite extract, so a lot of the kidney-damaging and cancer-causing compounds should be removed. However, I would not use Ion Gut Health (Restore) if I suffered from kidney disease to err on the side of caution. Finally, Ion Biome (Biomic Sciences) claims that other extract from the Earth may be contaminated unlike their lignite extract; therefore they may cause kidney damage, there are however no studies to show this to be as stated.17 18 19 20 21

“The active ingredient in ION GUT HEALTH (RESTORE), Terrahydrite™, is a very unique element within the complex components of the rare material mineral layer. This active ingredient is a large family of carbon molecules with oxygen-binding sites. These are produced by bacteria when they digest nutrients. The more diverse the bacterial population is, the more diversity you have in these carbon redox molecules. We extract this primary ingredient from ancient, fossilized soil that once thrived with a biodiversity that we no longer see in the diminishing ecosystems of our planet. Our raw ingredients are inert without any biologic function when they arrive in our labs. We then go through a series of biochemical procedures to balance the oxygen redox potential via the addition of trace minerals. The soil extracts are pH-controlled at a high alkaline pH at every stage of production.”

The main issue I have with Ion Gut Health (Restore) is the only studies we have currently are funded and performed by Ion Biome (Biomic Sciences). I believe this may be a conflict of interest. I wish Ion Biome (Biomic Sciences) would not only perform the studies for Ion Gut Health (Restore) and instead have outsiders perform the studies non funded, like a university. I had issues with recommending Bacillus coagulans for this same reason; all the studies I could find on its use were either sponsored by Ganeden or performed by them.22 23 24 25

Finally, Ion Gut Health (Restore) might cause constipation (similar to ingestion of other soil products, clay, and activated charcoal) and very rarely might trigger an allergic reaction to the minerals in the lignite extract like nickel (causes a rash). Proper water consumption and magnesium supplementation might help constipation if you develop it from taking the supplement.

Does Fix Your Gut Recommend Ion Gut Health (Restore)?

Ion Gut Health (Restore) appears to be a supplement that is a roulette wheel with many people that try it to improve their digestive health. Most people on the SIBO Facebook group that tried the supplement found little improvement, if any, at all from using it that I have seen. I believe that people with severe digestive concerns may see no change in their issues with Ion Gut Health (Restore) because it does not fix the underlying problems, diet, microbiome dysbiosis, and motility issues. I have suggested Ion Gut Health (Restore) to a few clients here or there to see if they would get any improvement from using it, telling them upfront my concerns about the supplement. Some did, and from the ones that took it, it did not seem to be the miracle leaky gut fixer that Ion Biome (Biomic Sciences) alluded it to be.

Would it harm you to try Ion Gut Health (Restore)? Probably not, but do not use it believing Ion Gut Health (Restore) is the panacea for leaky gut it is touted to be. Fix Your Gut cannot wholeheartedly recommend Ion Gut Health (Restore) without further studies on its efficacy and safety, which are not performed by Ion Biome (Biomic Sciences).

  1. I have been trying to research the side effects of Restore having taken it for a week and I am now feeling unbelievable nausea as if I have got off a fairground ride for two hours. I am amazed that this product can be sold without any warnings of side effects. It clearly has different reactions from different people but this is shockingly horrible. I was going to give it to my son who has stomach issues but will not be doing so.

    • I am having unbelievable brain fog an fatigue. I am only doing 1 tps. a day right now and it’s been a few days. Hoping a see these symptoms dissipate!!! I want to keep working with it but this can’t last much longer.

  2. I have tried restore as well, and I have to say it improved a lot of digestive issues but at same time introduced some new ones. First thing was that my acid re-flux was gone and my appetite came back, also when i take it i will feel great for couple of hours, lots of energy, but than I will get weird almost like die off reactions. Also I will get very angry while taking it (so weird not sure why). My liver enzymes got elevated after taking it, and constipation was introduced. That’s my experience. Thing that most worries me is that my liver enzymes got elevated after taking this product, not sure why and would be great if anyone have an idea why this product will cause elevated liver enzymes.


  3. It has helped me get beyond IBS which I had for 15 years… It has also helped my mother with “memory loss” and her digestive issues, she is without thyroid and gallbladder. One teaspoon can fix her digestion quickly. I am a believer that it works as promised.

  4. This product may be good, but is capable of causing significant detox reactions. I could not take more than one drop a week. My husband took the full dosage for about a month and then was horribly sick for several weeks afterwards. Just too powerful for us.

    • You couldn’t take a DROP per week? There are minerals and other substances from the earth in water and foods that you eat every day.

      Sorry, that’s your brain working in fear mode. You might try some brain-retraining.

    • I have had similar problems. I feel so sick, I took it for a week. Please let me know how you guys recovered, I stopped taking it a week and still feel fatigue nausea headache

  5. Hi

    Thanks for this insightful post. I am a bit curious though why this product is promoted as removing glyphosate when the test shows that after 2 weeks glyphosate excretion was less than placebo. Surely we want more excretion to prove its helping us excrete it.

    I took this product for about 10 days and have to say it actually exacerbated my gut pain. Now to find out its derived from coal is concerning. I think I’d prefer to take genuine shilajit.

  6. John, since you recommend a different fulvic acid product, I’m curious where the studies are that back up THAT product.

    Not saying this one is any good — but at least they did do some studies on it…

  7. We were recently introduced to Restore by functional medicine. My son has taken numerous high end products to address his gastric health issues – very costly xymogen which have been helpful but certainly not the whole picture. Restore claims there are no side effects other than possible temporary constipation. We have used it a few times and have not noticed any ill side effects from it but I try to be super careful because this is unchartered territory without sufficient studies to back-up claims. I did feel concern when I got this $50 bottle with inadequate dispensing mechanism – one teaspoon that drips and spills when you attempt to dispense it. This seems like a company that is unsophisticated and perhaps standing on shaky ground without independent back-up for the claims it makes. That does concern me. If this works then why aren’t the other large, reputable companies such as Xymogen developing a similar product? Leaky gut is a serious condition. I am concerned that this may be an attempt to cash in on the vogue topic of the day – leaky gut – without adequate research.

    • Supplements? Name brand

    • Just look up the guy that totes this stuff,,,he’s no shonk. He’s out for the good of mankind,,Zac Bush bloody legend

  8. Those of you who have not tried restore I highly recommend you do so. I literally tried a little more than 200 products on fixing my gut issue (Candida, SIBO, parasites, etc). Can’t say nothing ever worked because few of them worked but not they are not cure-all so I eventually had a chance to try this product and I find it quite helpful. I took and am still taking Turpentine, Prescript Assist, Resistant starch, and I think Restore is either 1st or 2nd the most important supplement that I have ever taken. Oh, besides Restore I also recommend turpentine. Search turpentine protocol by Dr. Jennifer Daniels. She posted the protocol for free. It was not free back then when she found out about the protocol. So take advantage of it download it in PDF file and start the darn God-given protocol. I really hope someone finds my message helpful because as a fellow patient I also suffered quite severely and am still trying to recover from gut issues.

    God bless you all (though I don’t go to church)



    • Did you sign your name with “JD” but then casually refer to Dr. Jennifer Daniels as another person? Are you trying to promote your product?

    • Thanks, JD. Much appreciated. After reading a lot about turpentine, I’ve ordered some; I hope it’s “God-given” for me! After trying everything else, I’m at the end of myself and need His help! I hope you are much better by now. God bless you, too :-) (I actually find going to church a huge encouragement and strength through this all :-) )

  9. I just tried this , bleeding from bowels

  10. My doctor recommended it to me a few months ago and I’ve admittedly been very bad with my diet. I went back to my doc and my inflammation levels were cut in half from my last visit. The only thing I changed was adding Restore so I’m left to assume it did help.

  11. Hi everyone – I’ve been using Restore for 3 months and for my body it’s been great. After the first 4 days I noticed my mind was calmer, that I feel more settled, and after about 2 months I noticed I’m more present in life which is really kind of amazing. I have methane producing SIBO (and Hashimoto’s, fibro, chronic fatigue, detox problems, sulfur and methyl intolerance) and my level of GI gas has come way, way done and I haven’t changed my diet. I’m not free of SIBO, but for me there’s a very noticeable difference while using the product. The first month or so was kind of an adjustment with odd bowel movements, etc but that’s mostly worked itself out. The only thing I have to be sure to do is drink enough water or herbal teas because Restore can also add to my constipation if I’m not careful. I would go low and slow initially when trying it to see how your body might respond. – Also, I wish the Restore team could elaborate further on how it works and what it’s doing but I’m genuinely grateful for the positive changes just the same.

  12. A couple of simple and inexpensive suggestions:
    1. There is a supplement from Vitamin Research Products called CeaseFire. It contains DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice root and rhizome extract) plus Gum Mastic. It is in table form, which you chew. This kind of product is used in Europe for treatment of H.Pylori.
    2.Glutagenics, from Metagenics, is a powder you dissolve in a little water and take between meals, 3xday. After years of waking at night with severe gastric pain I am pain free and don’t have to elevate my upper body to get through the night.
    Both these products can be ordered on the internet.

  13. I’ve been taking restore for about a year now and can’t tell any difference in my gut…I have IBS as well as pancrtities and.i eat no sugar no fat, practically live on oat meal and Greek yogurt…it ha sent helped me, that I know of…had some given to me but will most likely quit taking it tomorrow and see if I can tell a difference…I take a good probiotic and think that helps me more then anything.

    • Your problems could be “living on oatmeal” and dairy. Get rid f those two and you may see improvement

    • I would stop the oatmeal and Greek yogurt and try an almond or coconut yogurt. I can’t even eat gluten free oatmeal with out bloating do just eliminated it.

  14. Dear Margaret, you may want to look into the Ampcoil Machine and see if there’s somebody in the area where you live who has one and can help you try it. I have not tried it yet, but no people that have and the results were extremely good. I also know if people that have tried Restore, And have had good results. I will keep you in prayer. Blessings, Gail

    • I have an AMPCOIL and can’t imagine my life without it! take restore, too!

  15. Kath, don’t make a vague comment like it made your life hell without saying where your helath was beofre and after taking Restore.

  16. this author doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about. and for the first comment. You are healing, deal with it

  17. Whatever you do, don’t take this product. This crap has made my life significantly worse and if I could sue the hell out of Biomic I would.

    • Could you please explain please

      • I believe she said..IF I could, a he didn’t say she could so give your comment a rest.

    • Yes, please explain.

    • And what’s stopping you from “suing the hell out of Biomic”? The fact that you have no grounds to sue, ie. that you weren’t harmed by their product? You can’t just sue people because you’re irritated by them for no good reason.

  18. What would you recommend for me I am 66 years old and have very high readings of H. Pylori and reacently suffered from a severe bout of anxiety which I am sure has has been brought on by my bad gut health. I had cancer 8 years ago of the lining of my womb and had a radical hystrocemety followed by brachytherapy (vaginal radiation) and since then have had numerous urinary tract infections and numerous rounds of antibiotics and 2 rounds of triple therapy for the H. Pylori and still have the big.
    I am desperate to get my gut health back as I feel so unwell and feel like my immune system is destroyed .
    I am suffering from depression and anxiety now and all my joints have aches and pains.
    I went from 72 kilos to 47 kilos in a very short time and because I had cancer 8 years ago I was sent foe an endoscopy and colonoscopy and had biopsies taken and the results came back as active H. Pylori and chronic gastritis.
    Please Please help.
    Kind regards

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