Do you feel bloated during or after a meal? Have you ballooned so severely that you needed to loosen your belt? Ever find yourself frequently belching after a meal? How embarrassing! Does your stomach burn some time or feel like you have swallowed a lump of hot coal?

I had all these symptoms off and on for years because I, like millions of Americans, suffered from upper gut dysbiosis caused by Gram-negative bacteria including H. pylori

Your stomach is supposed to be one of the most acidic organs in your body. Stomach acid produced by our stomach is essential for chemical digestion as it dissolves the food we eat and makes it more challenging for microorganisms to colonize our stomach in significant numbers. The lower pH of our stomach makes it a harsh environment for their survival. Too many bacteria within our stomach cause an increase in ammonia (which is very basic) production over time, leading to a higher stomach pH from neutralizing stomach acid.

Bacteria can break down amino acids from the protein in our food into nitrogen compounds, including ammonia. Some bacteria also produce the enzyme urease, which converts urea back into ammonia, further neutralizing stomach acid. When our stomach pH is elevated, it takes longer to digest our food, and since food stays longer in our stomach, microorganisms can ferment it, producing gas that causes belching and bloating.

Many people have a higher stomach pH because of poor diet, frequent alcohol consumption, stress, lack of proper salt ingestion, medication usage, zinc deficiency, iron deficiency, frequent antibiotic use, gastric bypass surgery, or age, leading to upper gut dysbiosis.1

How H. Pylori causes upper gut dysbiosis

One of the most common bacteria that cause upper gut dysbiosis is H. pylori. One of the best ways to reduce it and hopefully help you find relief is taking inactivated Limosilactobacillus reuteri, also known as Pylopass™. Pylopass™ binds specifically to H.pylori, and the bacteria are eliminated from the digestive tract by defecation. Since the L. reuteri in Pylopass™ is inactivated, people who suffer from histamine intolerance or mast cell might be able to supplement with it even though some strains of L. reuteri are known to produce histamine. Pylopass™ is also stomach acid stable because it is inactivated bacteria and does not require the L. reuteri to survive or colonize to reduce H. pylori colonies.2

The prevalence of Helicobacter pylori has declined over recent decades due to improved sanitation, socioeconomic development, and better living conditions; however, its prevalence remains high in the developing world. H. pylori has infected nearly 50% of the population worldwide, with rates of 35%–90% depending on population diversity and geographic area.”3

Where to find Pylopass™

I recommend Snap Supplements Gut Health formula for people suffering from upper gut dysbiosis, especially if H. pylori caused it. The enzyme blend in the supplement of amylase, lipase, and protease help break down the food you ingest. Pylopass will help relieve H. pylori dysbiosis for most people that supplement with it. Gut Health also contains zinc, which is antimicrobial against numerous upper gut dysbiotic bacteria, including H. pylori, is essential for proper immune system health, necessary for testosterone production, and can relieve leaky gut. Ceylon cinnamon, also known as true cinnamon, is a highly selective antimicrobial agent that works well against many upper gut dysbiotic Gram-negative bacteria. Turmeric also contains curcumin, a particular antimicrobial against numerous dysbiotic upper gut Gram-negative bacteria, including H. pylori. Fennel is antimicrobial and has been known throughout history to relieve gas. Finally, DGL extract coats the stomach and relieves gastritis, ulcers, and pain.4 5

If you are overly sensitive to over-the-counter supplements like Gut Health or if you are suffering from histamine intolerance or mast cell activation disorder, you’ll want to consult your doctor before using Gut Health. I believe that Pylopass is excellent for relieving H. pylori dysbiosis, and Gut Health by Snap Supplements is an ideal supplement if you suffer from many of the above symptoms mentioned. Of course, run any recommendation I give you on Fix Your Gut by your healthcare professional before implementing.

Have questions about Pylopass™, Upper Gut Dysbiosis, or any other health issues?

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